Issue 2 —


ArtParty is a zine featuring East Texas artists. Its purpose is to contribute to the growning art community, inspire artists & spread their work!

Release Event
May 17th
7pm to 9pm



What is ArtParty?

ArtParty is a community zine that exists to spread the work and ideas of East Texas artists. We want everyone to know about great local art!

Each zine will showcase a featured artsist on the cover and center spread. Each additional page will be more local artists!

A unique theme will serve as a muse for each publication. The artist can choose to interpret the theme in their own way. We’re looking for artists to express their ideas!

How do I get in the zine?

A 'call for artists' will be announced each time a theme is chosen. A simple sign up sheet and examples of 3 works of art will be required to enter. The curators will then select the best artists for the zine.

Follow us on instagram to stay informed. Email list coming soon.

Where do proceeds go?

The zine will cost $6, and the money will help us pay for paper, ink and printing of each issue!

Donations will be accepted to help create issue #3!

How do I get in touch?

Feel free to email ArtParty's curators or message us on social media.

Jasey Beddingfield

Nic Trent